To obtain your Dash Text wallet you only need to send an SMS to the number of Dash Text with the command “CREATE”.

Additionally, if another Dash Text user sends Dash to your phone number, you will receive a confirmation SMS to create your Dash text wallet and receive the funds.

The Dash Text wallet service is completely free for its users in Venezuela and Colombia, nonetheless, the SMS have a cost from the carrier, Dash Text is not responsible for additional charges for the use of SMS.

Dash Text is a service that works through the sending of commands via SMS, therefore, it doesn’t require of Internet.

Your private key is generated automatically in every transaction by using your phone number as a pre-seed.

For the moments Dash Text can only be used in Venezuela and in Colombia, we hope to be in more countries soon.

In case of losing your mobile device, the first thing you should do is call your carrier to request the blocking of the line due to its loss, in this way your funds can not be mobilized by whoever has possession of your mobile device.

The moment you acquire a new mobile device, proceed to activate the same phone line on this new device, and you will immediately have access to your funds.

Dash Text does not have any type of registration nor is any kind of personal information requested from the user. Just write the “CREATE” command to the Dash Text number to start using the service.

The Dash Text service is completely private since Dash Text doesn’t request the personal information of its users, the only information that the system has is the phone number of the user.