To get started on Dash Text, all you need to do is send “START” to the Dash Text number in your country.

Additionally, if you send Dash to a phone number that doesn’t have a Dash Text wallet, they’ll receive an Invitation SMS, which they can accept to create their Dash Text wallet and receive the funds, we call this feature Dash Text Invitation, and its the best way to show Dash for the first time to anyone!

Dash Text does not charge anything for its services at the moment, when you transact you will see a fee message though, this is the Dash network fee that every wallet in the world pays in order to transact on the Dash Network, it is less than a penny and almost unnoticeable. However, carriers charge for the SMS service in your phone, Dash Text is not responsible for additional charges for the use of SMS.

Dash Text is a service that works by sending commands via SMS, therefore, it doesn’t require of Internet.

However using Dash Text via Telegram does require internet connectivity.

Your private key is generated automatically for a millisecond in every transaction by using your phone number as a pre-seed.

We do not store your private key on ours servers.

Dash Text can be used in Venezuela, the United States, Colombia, Spain and Brazil. Dash Text is also available in all of the Americas and Europe via the popular messaging app Telegram at @dashtextbot

We hope to be in more countries soon.

In case of losing your mobile device, the first thing you should do is call your carrier to block the line, in this way your funds can not be mobilized by whoever has possession of your mobile device.

The moment you acquire a new mobile device, proceed to activate the same phone line on this new device, and you will immediately have access to your funds again.

Remember that Dash Text is a wallet for day to day transactions of relatively low amount, just like the physical wallet in your pocket. Dash Text is not responsible if someone grabs your phone unlocked and steals your funds, remember to keep your phone locked.

Dash Text requires no registration. All you need to do is text “START” to the Dash Text number in your country to start using the service, we do not consider this a registration and we do not ask for any personal information.

The Dash Text service is completely private since Dash Text doesn’t request the personal information of its users, the only information that the system has is the phone number of the user.